Sep. 2016, Realand passed the review of High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong province;
Aug. 2016, smart biometric door lock was developed;
Jul. 2016, Realand became Cafrrefour(Carrefour China Inc.All ) time attendance system sollution supplier;
Mar. 2016, Realand built strategic partnership with Woqu(Shanghai Woqu Information Technology Company Limited) and DO1(D01 Information Technology), developing intelligent SAAS cloud identification hardware;
Oct. 2015, Realand increased new offices areas of 700 square meters;
Aug. 2015, Realand lanuched national new products conference;
Mar. 2015, Realand built strategic partnership with Beijing JinGoal, becmae Top intelligent hardware supplier in the filed of face and fingerprint recogntion;
Sep. 2014, Realand self-developed face algorithm was published;
Oct. 2014, Realand built partnership with China CCTV programme Influential Dialogue;
Aug. 2014, face recognition fingerprint products with independent intellectual property right were launched;
April 2014, the software and hardware platform of ZDC3900 and ZDC2906 with independent intellectual property rights were put into production;
Aug. 2013, Realand was awarded with the honorary title “High-tech Enterprises in Guangdong Province”;
May 2013, Realand built closed industry-university-research cooperation with Guangzhou University of Technology and Education and South China Institute of Software Engineering. Gu;
Dec. 2012, Realand RSFV5.1 fingerprint algorithm with independent intellectual property rights was awarded with invention patent by China's State Intellectual Property Office;
Nov. 2012, Realand got Major Scientific Research Project in Guangzhou, and awarded with Science and Technology Supporting Fund in Tianhe District;